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So my town got flooded today. Luckily I live on a hill, so my house is fine, but the shops were kinda doomed.

I have photos! (not taken by me, I was at work all morning.)

water water everywhereCollapse )

I have not been doing much else lately except grumbling about budget cuts at work. GIVE ME MORE SHIFTS ahem.


A meme

Because I feel like doing a meme :P

Go to urbandictionary.com and type in your answers to the following questions.
Post the first definition it gives you.

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Dec. 18th, 2008

Oh hey, I'm alive! Apparently I haven't updated in 11 weeks D:

Things that have happened in my life in the past 11 weeks: School, glandular fever, exams, screw ups with my subjects for next year, a traumatic experience with a pair of lips, more school, health scares for my sister, passing exams surprisingly well :D, becoming slightly addicted to facebook, and getting my name in the paper.

My sister and I have been rather unhealthy this past few months :/ I got glandular fever, which totally sucks, especially right before exams, but then Sarah half scared us to death by fainting and having a fit. Twice D: Once at home while she was arguing with mum (the argument being whether or not she was allowed to stay home from school. Sarah won :P ) and once at school in front of her form group who were all like OMGWTF SARAH???!!! D: D: Anyway, she get some brain scans done. We were really scared it was going to be epilepsy, because our aunt has it, but it seems to just be really bad migraines, though she still has to go and see a specialist.

School! Oh god, school. I passed all my exams: I got A's for psychology, art and english, and an A+ for maths. Had to wait aaaaaages for my Media results due to it being my yr 12 subject, but I must say the wait was worth it: three A+'s and a study score of 43 (to non Vics, the highest you can get is 50, and anything above 40 is full of win), resulting in my name getting in the paper of Top Scorers, and also me getting the highest Media mark for my school o_O Which was kinda of awesome, and crazy unexpected seeing as I was hardly at school this term, lol :P

My subjects for next year have changed from what I wanted originally, due to school stuff ups >:( Though I think I'm finally fairly happy with them. I originally wanted to do:
Further Maths


On Orientation Day, it turned out that they had decided that Art wasn't running for year 12's next year, so I had to do Literature instead. Which was full of crap :( So we protested to the coordinators, and they managed to get Art back on.

A few days later I am called by the coordinator to ask which subject I want to drop, seeing as Art's back. I say English, because I actually really liked Lit on Orientation Day :P He say "That's fine! :D" so I assume it is all sorted. Hah :P

I get a message saying I have to drop Philosophy if I want to do Art. Noooooooooooo! I was really excited about Philosophy, it's the first time they've offered it at our school, and it was going to be awesome. Also, that meant I was still doing English, which I didn't want to be doing.

SO, the dramatic conlusion: I am now doing:
History: Revolutions (as a replacement of English. I'm actually really kind of excited about this :D )
Further Maths

So, uh. No art subjects. Which will be reeeeeeeeeally weird. Go humanities? :P But on the plus side, no folios! Huzzah!

Woah, this has turned into a huge pile of tl;dr :P I think I'll go to bed now.

:D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

That it all.
Look, this is me, actually writing in my LJ! (though I have a half-excuse. I didn't have any Internet for more than a month. But I got it back three weeks ago, so I should have posted before now.)

I was just searching the file cabinet for photos and came across a letter from a speech pathologist to a surgeon about ME, written when I was three. (I saw one because I had a cleft palate when I was born, and the obviously wanted to see whether I could speak properly). There was a paragraph that made me LOL:

"She does seem to have a minor degree of tongue tie with a thin, fairly elastic frenum which seems to stretch fairly easily but which is short enough to interfere with elevation to the alveolar ridge and to her upper lip. She can manage lateral movements and tongue protrusion and retraction quite well, has never had any problems with feeding, no difficulty with saliva control, not tongue biting nor any evidence of tongue fatigue, but she cannot remove food or liquids from her top lip and needs to do this by using her hand, arm or sleeve.
She seems to cope with an ice-cream quite well but her parents were not sure how she does this."

I have magical ice-cream eating powers! :P

And now you can have some photos of me when I was young, and having lots o' surgery (Plus the photo I was actually looking for when I went searching in the filing cabinet :P) :

Feeling sorry for myselfCollapse )
WHY is everyone obsessed with the Twilight Series? WHYYYYYYY. Argh. Seriously. I am usually very forgiving of books, but Twilight joins the short list of books that I haven't been able to finish. (The others are Eragon, and the Clan of the Cave Bear. Oh, and Pride and Prejudice, but that was more just me having language difficulties.) Bella is a whiny elitist crazy person, and yes, I realise Edward is 'hot' but he's also a stalker with no personality to speak of. And vampires? WHAT vampires? They don't drink human blood! All they do is sparkle! What the hell!
Also, the grammar hurts us, precious D: And I don't usually notice grammar (which is painfully obvious, lol :P).

*breathes in and out slowly*

Sorry, but I seem to be being bombarded with Twilight love from both the Internet and in real-life. D: My normally sane friends keep raving about how omg awesome it is. And how omg hot Edward is. D: D: D:

Yes. So. My life. It is full of homework. And music practice. The Eastern Metropolitan Region Youth Concert is on Friday at the Melbourne Concert Hall and it has required lotttttts of rehearsals. And I'm the only clarinet who doesn't go to Glen Waverly Secondary College. Which is okay, I just hang out with Stewart, who I already know from Big Band. :D

Speaking of Big Band, our mid-year concert is on Sunday. D: I have to solo! I suck! Help D: D:

What else is happening? I have an Oral SAC for English next Wednesday after school, shoot me now. And my production plan is due for Media very soon *is scared*. Art classes are being very arty, and I am kind of sick of Sidney Nolan and his crazy life.

This post is pretty much one long whine :P Something good, something good... erm... We're nearly halfway through the term, yay? :P :D

EDIT: It's my mum's birthday today! I knew I had forgotten something good :D :D
First, I would just like to tell you how beautiful my friends are. But don't take my word for it! I have proof!Collapse )

*cough* Okay, I'll stop raving about them now :P My past weeks have been taken up with lots and lots of homework, argh. Also, lots of playing MacArthur Park in Big Band. I'm starting to think I should bake a cake and leave it out in the rain just to see what the fuss is about.
It was my birthday on Thursday, which means I now cannot sing "I am sixteen, going on seventeen" and have it be true.

For my birthday, I got:
- Two soundtracks: Sweeney Todd and Juno.
- Family Guy: Blue Harvest (ehehehe)
- 1 pair of purple tights. (Yesssssss. And they fit perfectly. Yessss!)
- 1 pair of stripy knee high socks. (My legs are now ready for winter :) )
- $50 (And a trip to an Op-shop where I bought a shirt)
- A box of Fererro Rochers.
- A mysterious package that Nana mailed on Thursday, which means due to Labour Day today, I wont get until at least tomorrow.

(I also got a lot of homework from school. Gragh.)

And last weekend I went to my primary school fete, as Sarah was performing with her flute group:

Photos ensued:Collapse )
I was just staring at the TV before, wondering why the hell the country singer dude on "It Takes Two" was looking so familiar to me. And then I realised he was one of the people I backed at the Carols last year... :P

Arghhhhhhhh. I'm all sore :( I've got bruises all down my right side, my ankle is swollen, and my elbow is all grazed and owwy :( All because I tripped and fell in a supermarket carpark on the weekend :P

I had a good reason! I was putting a trolley back and I tripped over the silly trolley divider thingy. They're ankle height, stupid things.

In other news, we're doing Pirates of Penzance as the school production this year. Yessss! :D

Edit: Oh, and we're also doing the Family Guy theme in big band! Yesssss! :D
First Big Band rehearsal of the year today:

Rilla: *is sitting with several new sax peoples*

Luke-the-band-director-of-doom: *hands out new music*

Rilla: Hey, Luke, there's only three parts here... Where's Kim's music?

Luke: Oh, Kim's playing bari :)

Rilla: So who is this for? *waves around lead alto part*

Luke: You.

Rilla: ... What.

Luke: No wait, let me look at that...

Rilla: *is relieved to think she is going back to 2nd*

Luke: ...here's your part! *hands over another part*

Rilla's Part: O hai, I'm the lead alto solo part!

Rilla: *Dies*

In other news, today my father described a little Ford Festiva car as a "Pregnant Rollerskate". It made me laugh :P


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